In HIM, With HIM and Through HIM


wow .. Very quickly, one and a half years has past and suddenly, I have this urge to start writing again. My last wordpress blog was written in August 2013

What had happened to me during this period? Why wasn’t I was writing anymore?

It was the “‘Amazing Grace of God”, that strengthened my heart, mind and soul to pursue further on HIS doctrines. Spending most of times reading and understanding HIS words and purposes. I was totally glued to the bible – The Book of Life””(from bedroom to living room and even to the toilet). Days by days, months by months and yeas by years, I was totally a transformed servant of God.

Immediately after my last blog, I began to receive HIS calling to put HIS words into actions. With so much confidence within myself spiritually, mentally and physically, for I knew that it is time to accept HIS calling and to take up HIS Cross.

On the same year in Nov 2013, typhoon Haiyan hit the Tacolban City in the Philippines. Due to this mega strong winds, the entire island was totally sweep and drenched by the typhoon, resulting into more than 100,000 deaths. People in the Tacolban City were totally helpless, without any food and shelter. The city was totally flattened overnight!

Suddenly a friend from Facebook (Christina Delgado) appeared and BeFriended me. Every now and then she will be updating me on the situation in the Tacolban City. Day by day, it is causing me with more and more concerns. And at the same time, I was busy utilizing my resources in the Philippines to see what can I actually do? Eventually, I was referred from the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Red Cross, to the Salvation Army and to some NGOs … One after another, they were asking for different kind of sponsorship or donations.

In Christ, With Christ and Through Christ, I was taught, guided and leaded by HIM that I should be doing this humanitarian works all alone. HE wanted me to Trust in HIM and without any 2nd thought, I said “Yes”to HIM. I had rejected offers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (offering to me a personal C-130 aircraft), from the International Red Cross (guided body guards to the relief sites) and others.

Despite of facing some objections from both my family members (they were just concerned of the dangers in that area) as well as some friends, I still proceeded with someone (Christina Delgado) that I have not met or know (just knew her from Facebook). Both of us agreed to meet in Cebu and from there, I will be assisted by the Sisters of the Cebu Don Bosco Church.

Carrying thousand of US dollars and the Filipino peso with me, I flew to Cebu without knowing anything in advance on how they are going to organise the reliefs. All I trusted was in our Lord, Jesus Christ. They put me up in a Retreat House beside the church in Cebu (No TV, No Phone, No WiFi & nothing). But the place was absolutely Peace …

The next day, we set up our relief mission at 4am in the morning, started to load all the foods, drinks and necessity brought by me the day before. We went straight to the port and boarded the boat to Ormoc Island, the closest island near to the Tacolban City. After 4 hours on board the shaky boat,we’d finally arrived Ormoc and from there, there are some small trucks uploading all our relief goods and we went deep into the remote areas where most of the people there do not receive any reliefs from these big NGO at all (It took another 3-4 hours into these villages).

Witnessing these damaged villages and hungry villagers with my own eyes was an eye opening moment to me. Without delay, we started to distribute the foods, drinks and necessities to the 1st village out of 5. From babies, to children, to young and old men & women and also the sicked by the hundreds in number in each village. It was totally so satisfying to serve these badly affected people. in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I knew that “HE was in me and I was in HIM” and henceforth, I did not feel a single bit of tiredness at all. This is despite me having to fly by air for 3 hours, by sea for 4 hours and by land for another 4 hours as well as the foods and drinks distribution (another 7-10 hours).

After this 3 days humanitarian missionary works and experiences, it did not stop me from doing more humanitarian works. In HIM, With HIM and Through HIM, I continued my missionary in other cities in China for the orphanage.


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