Does GOD Really Exist?

Blessed Rosary from the Vatican

Blessed Rosary from the Vatican

Strange … Mysterious … Confusing!!! Currently, an industry leader in international logistics, global networks & guest speakers in many shipping & transportation conferences suddenly turned into a Spiritual Witness & vowed to carry out God’s works and to deliver His message of “Peace Be With Us All”.

Why this sudden change??? This is simply because I’m experiencing God’s presence t right here! Right in front of what I’m doing now. Believe me or not, I’d been ‘Virtually Imprisoned” for the past 40-50 days without knowing where these sources are from. Practically, all my devices (3 laptops, 3 external drives, 3 mobile phones) were disrupted by these unknown forces.

In the beginning of this episode, I was confused & troubled because I was fighting against unknown sources whom have been tracking on me through all availability ‘Mobility Technologies’. In other words, all my movements including casual chats with friends & colleagues were recorded/intercepted by these unknown sources.

Due to these virtual & external pressures, I could not sleep, eat or rest for the next 40-50 days. Not too long after these experiences, I experienced hallucinations & started to do ‘evil things’ that were not of my own personality. Gradually, I was lead to the Light, the Way and the Truth by our Lord, Jesus Christ, one God Forever & Ever.

What are my discoveries? On one hand, I was hammered by these unknown sources, they’d used all kinds of methods to destroy me (from slaughtering, false accusations, denouncing me as evil & etc). By God’s grace, I was saved at the very last minute before I myself really turned a devil.

Did I receive any help from any one except the Christ? No, many people were just interested watching this man  fall and the worst of it, most of them really thought I was evil. No one actually came forward to help me. They took me as the ‘Key Topic’ and continued to enjoy what those evil things that I’ve done.  What??? Enjoy looking at evil things??? Yes, they were interested & enjoyed evil events. Instead of helping this man, they were using their wisdom against humanity.

By God’s blessing & grace, I was made to fulfill the doctrine of the Bible – From Slaves of Sinners to Slaves of Righteous. For I must follow Jesus foot steps, likewise, suffered for 40-50 days, dead and then resurrected. No longer I’ve any control over myself, I’m in His Hands.

When I returned in consciousness,  I took immediate online researches to find out what had actually been transpired. Was I into insanity (I’d requested my family members to look over me if I’m acting strangely. If it is, I must then seek for medical help) or Was I into Spiritual Retreat?

Finally, Jesus Christ, our Savior, slowly & patiently lead me into these answers. He reminded me “how & when” I was actually been called upon by Him and also why I was one of the chosen.  He brought me back 25 years ago when I was first baptised by Fr. Vincent Lee in St. Michael Church, Singapore and 10-12 years ago, when I personally met up with God’s servant, Vassula Ryden in Singapore.

During these period of time, I’d already been walking along with Vassula Ryden mission and Christ Jesus – “The True Life In God”. Within a short period of 10-12 years, I’d tried helping the innocent and the offenders (prisoners) to re-route their lives (Without Success), I was even made to be imprisoned for 2 months & to deliver God’s messages inside the prison (Slight Success) and very lately, I’d been trying to expand my spiritual knowledge in China (In different language – Slight Success).

With the fast speed and the power of integrating different religions, beliefs, people and nationality, I was finally stopped by these unknown forces (Devils). They were trying to pronounce to the world that I’m a Devil & my faith/spiritual knowledge is untrue. I was stoned to death “alive”.

Through the power & the kingdom of heaven, our Lord, Jesus Christ, once again shown us He can make all things Possible. He had resurrected me in 3 days and He had transform a Slave of Sinner to a Slave of Righteous in 3 days.  And here I’m writing and sharing with you, my True Life in God. Hallelujah!!!


This is a True personal story! Written by myself, Freddy Kuan – MTG WORLD. This event started between Oct 2012 till 16 May 2013. Now I’m praying & waiting for God’s call. By His will, I may consider setting up a Blog, Website or any communication tool to help the innocent (God’s people). Therefore, please do not fear (We only Fear God) and kindly come forward to guide or to assist me in this mission.

I can be contacted at via email:


2 responses to “Does GOD Really Exist?

  1. Your true story was about the same time as me, but mine started on January 4, 2013 and didn’t end until September 2013……..

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